Finally, a Good Race Photo

I run a good number of races. At the end of the race, lets me know that my race photos are ready, and I dutifully head over to check out what are sure to be awesome photos of me running.

When I run, I like to think I look like a happy gazelle. I’m gliding down the roads, rounding corners and flawlessly grabbing water cups along the way. Turns out I look like a mean, scraggly-haired run-walker whose quads are always flexed. Why does Marathonfoto ask its photographers to shoot at leg level? I swear the focal point in most of my photos is my thigh — whichever thigh happens to be heftier at the time. And why does Marathonfoto not ask its staff to edit out unflattering images? These people manage to snap a few shots when I’m blowing my nose or looking my most miserable. How about not tagging that one next time?

Here are some of the all-time worst photos from the past few years, which is as far back as Marathonfoto keeps images, thank goodness.

And here’s a good one, at last!


See? I’m smiling, my form looks great, and I don’t have a fat leg. This is what I feel like when I run, even if I really look like a troll in photos most of the time.

Bonus: Readers Share Their Awful Race Photos

Warren shared this gem from the Howard Community Challenge 10-Miler. That’s him on the right.
Jamey sent this one along. No, despite the look, he did not die during this run.

Have a bad race photo you want me to share? Send me a note so we can connect.

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  1. I had no idea that every runner got photographed at each race. Wow, that is a tough job. P.S. I like the Navy Five-Miler photo!

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