Review: Feetures Plantar Fasciitis Foot Sleeve

Leading up to the Delaware Marathon, my plantar fasciitis started flaring up again. I’ve written about dealing with PF before, and I’m largely following my own advice. The pain is not terrible right now — certainly not as bad as it was leading up to the Chicago Marathon last year — but I’ll try almost anything to get rid of any lingering pain. I ordered the Feetures Plantar Fasciitis Foot Sleeve a few weeks ago after my coworker Megan said she’d heard good things about it from a friend.


  • A little tenderness: So far, I’ve found after wearing the sock for about an hour, my foot is a little more tender than normal. I probably couldn’t go out and run right after wearing the sock, and I certainly couldn’t wear it for a full night and then pop out of bed to run the next morning. I’ve limited my time to an hour because I am rarely sitting down at my desk for more than an hour straight at work where I’ve been primarily wearing the sock. The tenderness goes away about 30 minutes after I take off the sock.
  • Minor swelling: The compression draws blood to the foot, making one of my feet, which is normally really cold, warm up nicely. After taking off the sock, each time I do notice a little bit of swelling around the front part of my foot where the sock ends. The swelling goes away after about 10 minutes. My feet are quite narrow, so if I’m seeing swelling, I imagine people with wider feet would experience the same. I bought size small/medium, and I wear a size 9 1/2 shoe, so I might recommend going up to a larger size if you’re worried about swelling.
  • Inability to walk (or run) with the sock : The product description page says you can run with the sock on. I wouldn’t recommend doing that. I tried walking in the sock with my work shoes on, and I nearly fell over.


  • Durability: Unlike the Strassburg sock, which I’ve found has lost its elasticity after minimal use, the Feetures sock seems like it will last for a long time. And maybe with continued use, it’ll stretch out a little more, and I won’t get the same swelling.
  • Easy to put on and stays put: Also unlike the Strassburg sock, there’s no mystery to putting this thing on. It’s hard to mess up. And you don’t have to adjust it and reposition the Velcro like you do with the Strassburg sock.
  • Effectiveness: Overall, I actually am feeling less pain in my next run after wearing this thing. I think the blood flow is working.
  • Price: The sock comes in around $22 on Amazon. That’s probably cheaper than a visit to the podiatrist, and if I’m running free of pain, I’m willing to pay $22.

I would say give this thing a try ahead of the Strassburg sock if you’re looking for a fix for dealing with PF. I’d give it about an eight out of 10 on whatever ranking system ranks these kinds of things. I’d deduct a few points for false advertising claiming you’d be able to run in the sock.

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