Winter Storm Stupidity and a Canceled Marathon Too

My first planned race of the year was supposed to happen the first weekend of January. The Al Lewis 10-Miler is a race I’ve run twice before. Sure, it’s been cold both times. One time it snowed in the second half, but that just made for more awesome race photos. This year our first snow storm of the year left the trail covered in snow and bumpy ice. I decided to not even show up since an injury just isn’t worth it.

There was a trail half marathon the next weekend I might race. That one sold out before I could register.

Trying to see the bright side, I kept thinking how much stronger my legs would be since I hadn’t wasted my energy on racing early in my training cycle. The two injuries I had last year haven’t bothered me a bit since the Philadelphia Marathon, and my normal running pace continues to drop every week. I’ve put in 90-mile weeks and felt not-awful and not-beat-up. That’s why the Austin Marathon was so perfectly timed. I had similar training ahead of New Orleans last year, and I PR’ed there. I can feel I’m ready to do something great.

Austin wasn’t to be, though. Yesterday when we were both working from home, I think Michael got tired of me opening the door just to yell “Stupid!” at the snow and then slam it. The winter storm dumped a good foot of snow on D.C. And about 18 hours before takeoff, our flight to Austin was canceled. On the bright side, I got all our money back for the flights and hotel, and Michael and I are able to defer our entries to 2015. I thought the George Washington’s Birthday Marathon could be a great backup. Nope. Canceled.

Maybe this means my March marathon and Boston will be much stronger. Maybe the slippery potholes up and down this city’s sidewalks are just Mother Nature telling me to take it easy. Maybe I’ll kick ass in a 10K this weekend because I have more that enough energy to go around from this taper.

I will say I’m a lot less perturbed about this cancellation than I was when I’d made my way to New York in 2012 after Sandy, only to have the race called off Friday night. At least I’m not losing money.

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