The Great Taper: How I Won’t Screw Up Before Boston and Big Sur

Somewhere around Potomac Park in the Cherry Blossom 10-miler-ish
Somewhere around Potomac Park in the Cherry Blossom 10-miler-ish

My mileage took a decent step down last week from 95 to 80 miles, and it will go down again for the next week. For the past week, I’ve had a nice feeling the past three months of training are starting to snap in to place. My legs are cooperating, and I’m hitting my pace for every workout. I’ve banked a bunch of hard miles and long runs. Now is the time to concentrate on not screwing up the seven days between now and Boston.

To build a little more confidence ahead of two big races, I set a few PRs in the Cherry Blossom 10-Miler yesterday. The course was shortened by a half mile because of an incident before the race, but I still set a few new PRs of my own for the 5K (19:33), 10K (39:30) and 15K (59:57). And I blew away my 6:36 pace goal with a 6:26 average per mile.

I’ve felt more energized over the past week than at any other time during the training cycle. Even after a rainy 15-miler through the cherry blossoms last Wednesday, my legs still felt like they could have kept going for at least 10 more miles. I also have concentrated on eating a little healthier this month. I’ve cut out most sweets and have tried to limit myself to one glass of wine a day or nothing at all. So it looks like I’ll start Boston at my goal weight and with many more miles and hard workouts than I’d ever thought I could run.

Here’s the plan for the next week that I’m going to try to not screw up.

  • Monday: 8 miles easy
  • Tuesday: 10 miles moderate pace
  • Wednesday: 10 miles: 6 miles easy, 2 miles at marathon pace, finish out easy
  • Thursday: 7 miles easy
  • Friday: maximum of 45 minutes
  • Saturday: 10K shakeout
  • Sunday: shakeout with Bart Yasso
  • Monday: Boston Marathon

Once I get through Boston, I’ll start to focus on recovery and time goals for Big Sur. Right now, given my training and the forecast, my best guess for time goals is:


  • A Goal: 3:00
  • B Goal: 3:05
  • Having Fun Goal: 3:15

Big Sur

  • A Goal: 3:15
  • B Goal: 3:25
  • Having Fun Goal: uhhh 3:40?

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