Three weeks to go

We’re coming up on that critical part of the training cycle when I just might screw up all the hard work and high mileage I’ve put in. I get antsy about a few big goal races every year. This year’s goal race is the Hartford Marathon, and I’m already wondering about my training. The good news is I start to get squirmy about my training every time, so this is nothing new. The bad news is it seems to be happening earlier with this race.

I have one more week of reasonably high mileage including a trail half marathon this weekend and a long run with some miles at marathon pace worked in next weekend. Then the taper begins, and I begin obsessively checking the weather and obsessing about what I eat and how much I sleep.

Because I don’t have any speed work planned until later in the week, I’m kicking around the idea of trying to make the easier runs in to group runs or organizing some kind of meetup with Strava or Twitter friends. Let me know if you are interested, and I will try to coordinate.

  • Sunday: 16 miles easy on roads somewhere in D.C. area (7:45 to 8:00 pace maybe)
  • Monday: 8 or 9 easy miles on roads or trails
  • Tuesday: 10 easy miles on trails
  • Tuesday evening: 7 miles steady effort on roads, not pushing too hard (7:30-7:40 pace)
  • Wednesday: 8 miles easy, probably on trails and maybe in the middle of the day if I stay home for Pope road closures
  • Thursday: 12 miles steady (7:30 pace, probably)

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